Michelle Obama’s Dropping a Hip-Hop Album

Just when we thought the first lady couldn’t get any hipper, we learn she’s releasing an album this month. Turns out Michelle isn’t trying to break into the music biz, but hoping to get kids dancing as part of her “Let’s Move!” campaign. While Mrs. O won’t be busting out rhymes on the 19-track album, which features artists like Ashanti and Jordin Sparks, she will be making appearances in some of the music videos. All of the songs center around themes of healthy eating, staying active, and being happy. Who knew singing the praises of kale could be so cool?

This isn’t the first time Michelle has encouraged people to get their groove on. She showed off her dance skills on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” Her shopping cart moves are pretty sick.
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The first lady’s commitment to fitness is inspiring –– and so are her arms! Try these toning moves and exercise your right to bare arms.

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