Kia launches ‘Space Babies’ Super Bowl ad

Kia released an extended version of its Super Bowl ad on Tuesday, and the spot's premise can be described in three little words: Babies. In. Space.

In the ad, a son asks his father where babies come from. The father (behind the wheel of a 2014 Kia Sorento) is so distressed by the question, he concocts a double-entendre-filled story about how babies come from a distant planet called Babylandia.

According to Kia, Babylandia is a pretty sweet place. Lots of greenery. Plenty of open spaces. Diapers are abundant and, one assumes, free of artificial dyes. There are baby humans, baby ducks, baby penguins, you name it. "When the time is just right," the dad says, "there's a space launch," and the babies are sent to Earth on a nine-month journey on a big rocket.

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Eventually (and this is according to Kia, mind you -- we've been unable to confirm the dad's story), the babies "penetrate the atmosphere," parachute from the spaceship, and land with their families.

If the babies are realllllly lucky, their families have a Kia. And if the parents are smart, they've opt for a voice-controlled sound system that can drown out any other awkward questions.

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