Hyundai’s Flaming Lips ad a winner

Hyundai prereleased a couple of strong commercials that it plans to air during the Super Bowl. The standout (if you ask us) is called "Epic Playdate," featuring the one and only Flaming Lips.

In the 60-second spot, a family drives all over the place, getting into trouble with a runaway ostrich, humorless motorcycle riders, and hapless security guards. And we mustn't forget the Atari-style aliens. The ad, while nothing terribly original (family having fun with help from car), still manages to delight.

We have a few thoughts on why this ad works. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chime in with a comment below.

1. The little things add up
Notice the comically large stack of pancakes on the kitchen table? The little kid in the flight suit? The seemingly alive saber-toothed tiger? When an ad rewards you for paying attention, that's a good thing.

2. The Flaming Lips!
They're a great band, one of rock's true originals. And that song you're hearing in the background ("Sun Blows Up Today") is brand new (here's the full version). It's a little sad to see them in an advertisement, but, hey, they gotta pay the bills. Those giant inflatable hamster balls don't come cheap.

3. A nice mix of responsibility and recklessness
Yeah, the father is driving like a maniac. And letting one's kids mess with a museum exhibit isn't setting a good example, but... On the other hand, the kids wear helmets while skateboarding and at least one practices yoga. That's good parenting, right?

4. Tame (but not lame) saber-toothed tigers
They might not be as cute as penguins or pandas, but saber-toothed tigers (especially those that sit at the table like members of the family) add cool to any commercial.

5. The ad gets the point across
The ad shows off what makes the product worth buying without overtly saying it. Enough towing capacity to carry around giant hamster bubbles. Enough acceleration to ditch motorcyclists. Plenty of space for a large family and their newly acquired saber-toothed tiger. You get the point.

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