What the Heck Is Twerking?

Miley Cyrus made twerking a household term after her controversial performance at MTV’s VMAs on Sunday. Not familiar with the suggestive dance craze that became popular in strip clubs? This is how you twerk it.

Cyrus can’t stop twerking, and we can’t stop talking about the trainwreck that was her booty-popping, tongue-wagging, teddy-bear-assaulting performance. “View” host Sherri Shepherd summed up the backlash, saying, "She's going to hell in a twerking handbasket."

The Parents Television Council is ticked off at MTV for letting the pop star twerk in front of a young audience, but the truth is it’s nothing new to teens. Watch as a high-school student asks a girl to prom by twerking in gold booty shorts to Juvenile's "Back Dat A** Up." We have a feeling she said yes just to get him to stop.

Of course, there are consequences to twerking, and we’re not talking about teen pregnancy. Thirty-three high school seniors were suspended for five days after they posted a video of themselves twerking online. This caused outrage among students, who started a #FreeTheTwerkTeam campaign on Twitter.

You don’t have to be a striper to dance like one. Here’s an instructional video.

Want to see a middle-aged white woman learn how to twerk? Warning: You can never unsee it.

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