What would you do? Good Samaritan and bad Samaritan find lost money

Caught on tape: two cases of cash found, and two very different decisions about what to do with it.

John was heading to the restaurant El Pollo Loco in Manteca, California, for a bite when $2,200 he had saved up for a move fell out of his pocket as he got out of his truck.

Surveillance video shows another man shamelessly grab the cash beneath the vehicle and then pocket it; John, inside the restaurant, realizes the money is gone and madly retraces his steps, searching for his lost funds.

"So I'm tearing my whole truck apart, and at the same time, I'm looking into El Pollo Loco and I can see these people looking at me," John told CBS 5, adding that the man "must have no conscience," watching him while he was hunting for his lost money.

According to the local station, John had spent months saving up the money to move from his home in Southern California to be closer to his parents. And then, in a flash, it was gone.

The reason he had taken the money out of his pocket in the first place: He wanted to give a homeless woman $10 before he walked into the restaurant.

John is offering a reward for information leading to the return of his cash.

John could have used a good Samaritan like Steven Lee at his side. Outside Chicago, Lee was driving up to his local bank when he spotted stacks of bills on the ground. Unlike his California counterpart, Lee immediately worried that someone had lost the large amount of money.

"Someone lost this money. Someone could lose their job. I better return this money quick," Lee told CBS Local.

And the amount: over $8,000. The bank employees knew Lee and said they weren't surprised he'd do something like that. "But they were very appreciative, as was our client that dropped it," Garrett Larkin, regional manager at Fifth Third Bank, told the local news station.

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