Dafoe, Kate Upton, Usher star in Mercedes Super Bowl ad

Forget about the uproar over the underwhelming Mercedes ad of Kate Upton from last week. That was just a teaser. The car maker released an extended version of its real Super Bowl ad on Wednesday and it stars several more celebs, including Willem Dafoe as the devil, Usher, and Kate Upton in a greatly reduced role.

In the ad, which you can watch above, Dafoe sits across from a young man at a diner. The devilish Dafoe (note the long fingernails) offers up a deal: Sign on the dotted line and the young man can have the Mercedes CLA and all that (apparently) comes with it. Fame, beautiful women, incredible dancing skills, and a new career as a race car driver.

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The young hipster is clearly on the verge. After all, what's an eternity of damnation when you can walk the red carpet with Kate Upton (she's in the super-sized ad for about six seconds, by the way)? But then, not a moment too soon, he notices a billboard across the street. The new Mercedes CLA can be his for under $30,000. He tells Dafoe that he's got this one and Dafoe disintegrates. Darn that affordable luxury! Maybe next time the devil will prey on those dreaming of Rolls-Royces.

The ad was created by Merkley + Partners and directed by Dante Ariola. And that song playing in the background? The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil," of course.

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