Baby chimp, tigers, and a wolf cuddle up at the zoo

At the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park, in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, the laws of the jungle do not apply.

An adorable video shows playtime for a baby chimp, two tiger cubs, and a wolf pup, who are all being introduced.

If they are natural enemies, nobody got the memo here: The animals all pile on each other. There are hugs. There is some jumping. There is lots of cuddling.

"Growing up together in the animal world any kind of species can and will get along," Joe Schreibvogel, entertainment director for the zoo told Yahoo! in a statement.

Schreibvogel, who lives on the zoo grounds, sees this kind of thing first hand. It’s the home of a video that Yahoo! featured recently of a dachshund named Milo giving a tooth cleaning to a tiger named Bonedigger. The two are best friends who eat and play together, after having been raised together by Schreibvogel.

The video of the lion and the dog has brought worldwide attention to the Oklahoma zoo, which suffered about $18,000 worth of damage when a recent tornado struck nearby. That didn’t stop the zoo from opening its gates to any and all animals made homeless from the storms.

In fact, spokesperson Daniel Cotton noted to Yahoo! in an email that the zoo had already taken in 100 or so animals that sought shelter after the storms hit, from dogs and horses to snakes and ferrets.

Cotton wrote that thanks to a donation of lumber and building supplies, "we are able to build two new cabins for the tigers and extra animals we have taken in."

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