7 Heart-wrenching Photos of the Homeless with Their Pets

America's unexpected pet owners: Homeless adults and young RunawaysAmerica's unexpected pet owners: Homeless adults and young RunawaysYou might be surprised to know that many people that are homeless are also pet owners. Not only that, but many are responsible pet owners, getting their pets standard medical care (such as spayed and neutered and vaccinations).

Unfortunately, most programs that help the homeless don't accept pets. But in Los Angeles, Lori Weise decided to do something about homeless folks and their pets, setting up vet clinics for pets to get fixed while feeding their owners. A nice innovation I'd love to see in Philly.

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As it happens, there's a photographer here in Philly taking shots (with permission) of homeless folks and travelers (kids that run away and travel around the country), including their pets. Since I happen to be married to him, he gave me permission to share his photos here.

Teenage runaways and their dogsTeenage runaways and their dogsThe Traveling Pups
Many of the young kids that hitchhike around the country have dogs. The dogs are generally very well fed, far more so than the kids.

Traveling teenagers and their dogsTraveling teenagers and their dogsA Panhandling Pit Bull
You see mostly mutts, particularly pit bull mixes. The dogs are often very helpful when it comes to panhandling.

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Homeless youth and his dogHomeless youth and his dogMan's Best Friend
Generally the dogs are very friendly, relatively clean, and well behaved.

Homeless teens with multiple dogsHomeless teens with multiple dogsAll You Need is Love ... and Pooches
It's also not unusual for some of the kids to have more than one dog.

CherokeeCherokeeAll Dressed Up and No Where to Go
Cherokee here lives in Philly with a well-known local homeless man. Cherokee is a very sweet pit mix.

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ScrapsScrapsAll Dogs Go to Heaven
Scraps the dog here sadly passed away not long after this photo was taken. His owner was devastated.

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