Softball Game Picnic Food

Grilling can add to your picnic fun.Grilling can add to your picnic fun.

Nothing screams summer like a spirited game of softball and the food and drink we share together afterward. Softball picnics are like treasured old friends that we look forward to seeing again and again. Whether you're hanging out under the picnic shelter or spread out on the lawn, it's the perfect time to celebrate the out-of-doors with good food and great friends.

Fire up the Grill!

A classic gathering like a softball picnic calls for more than just cold, soggy sandwiches retrieved from a cooler. Besides, the preparation and grilling are half the fun. It gives the guys the perfect opportunity to brag about that awesome line drive or impossible double play while they're sharing a cold beverage with friends. You can't go wrong with burgers and hot dogs. They please just about any appetite and require little prep and cook time. Serving them alongside a "fixins bar" allows everyone to customize their own sandwich and keeps even the pickiest palates happy.

Side Dishes and Finger Foods

Since softball picnics are just as much a social gathering as they are a meal, be sure to provide at least a few things that can be eaten with the fingers or hands. This allows people to nibble while they're walking around shooting the breeze with friends. In addition to the classics like baked beans and macaroni salad, have choices like fresh fruit skewers or cold stuffed potato skins available as well. Be sure to choose dishes that can tolerate the summer heat, or make sure they are appropriately chilled for safety.


Although picnic guests may not feel like downing a thick hunk of chocolate cake after a physically draining game of softball, they're still likely to appreciate a small bite of something sweet at the end of the meal. Simple caramel corn or peanut butter brownie bites can offer a sweet ending that also stands up to summer picnic temperatures.


Beer may top the list of beverages of choice for many softball aficionados, but be sure to have lots of water and sports drinks on hand as well. Playing softball in the hot sun can be physically demanding, even if it's just a friendly neighborhood game. The risk of dehydration is significant, so remember to drink lots of water to replace lost fluids. You'll also want to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum after strenuous exercise, as it accelerates dehydration.

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