Ask the Stylist: Summer Style Tips to Beat the Heat

Anna Foster, UK-based celebrity stylist and fashion editor of Grazia Daily Magazine sat down with Cat Deeley to answer some of Cat's Twitter followers' burning questions about dressing for the summer.

Q: What is an essential summer item you need to have in your closet?

From L to R: Maple for Anthropologie, Zara, Club Monaco

A: A Peasant Style Top

Anna says a peasant-style top, which will keep you cool and fresh in the heat without sacrificing style.

Q: What would Anna recommend "well built" ladies wear to keep cool?

From L to R: Ted Baker, J. Crew, Pippa

A: A Shift Dress

Anna says that women with a larger frame can stay stylish by showing off one area at a time, i.e. don't show too much skin. She recommends a longsleeve shift dress that lands at the knee. Alternatively, women can opt for a longer, sleeveless dress.

And a bonus tip for beating the heat — wear light, cotton fabrics. Avoid fabrics that don't breathe, like nylons and polyesters, which, as Anna colorfully puts it, are certain to turn you into a "sweat bucket."

From L to R: Atelier Luxe, Koto Bolofo for Anthropologie

A: A High-waisted Short

Go for a well-tailored high-waisted short in a longer, boyfriend style. The high waist will draw attention to your waist rather than your hips.

And Anna adds another fashion tip for ladies wanting to camouflage curves: a longer top helps de-emphasize the waist and hips.

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