Vacations to Celebrate the Mayan End of the World those who do not pay attention to the news, the end of the world is supposed to take place on December 21, 2012, some say according to the Mayan calendar. This has not stopped some people from trying to cash in.

The country of Belize has just the good luck to possess a number of Mayan ruins so, in celebration of the impending doom of world civilization, its tourist board is offering a number of vacation packages, according to Slate.

Events including a group wedding and camping stays among the ruins have been planned. To celebrate the end of the world in style, week-long excursions at a resort called Chia Creek are scheduled for the month of December where one can wear "authentic" Mayan garb for the duration of one's stay or until the moment of the Apocalypse, whichever comes first.

Even without the corny end of the world hook, Belize might actually be a cool place to visit, at least that is what the Belize Tourist Board states. Belize, which was colonized by the British, is a country where everyone speaks English. It has been graced by a visit from Prince Harry and by a season of the hit reality TV series, "The Bachelor."

Belize is not the only country seeking to cash in on the Mayan inspired end of the world, according to Fox News Latino. Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras are also planning end of the world tours of the Mayan ruins that reside within their borders. Most interesting is a treatment in a Mayan style sauna at Spa Ixchel in Honduras that is part of a temascal ceremony meant to cleanse the mind, spirit and body.

Of course, as National Geographic explains, the turn of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 is simply a date, like the year 2000, and not considered the advent of the end of days in Mayan culture. The idea of that date marking the end of the world is a construct of western new agers and not by Mayans. "2012" was a fun world-wide disaster movie with the Yellowstone caldera exploding, California falling into the sea, and the White House being taken out by a rogue aircraft carrier. The real December 21, 2012 is not likely to be as spectacular.

Still, December is a nice time to head down to the Caribbean, with hurricane season just finishing and the weather cooling. But it may be much to be desired to see the world ending. A colony on the moon or Mars might suit better.