Super Market ‘Man Aisle’ Has Products for Only Certain Men

Yahoo News' The Sideshow reports that a grocery store in New York's Upper West Side has created the first "man aisle," stocked with products that it believes every man wants to buy in order to survive. This trend may spread quickly.

Creative Commons: M.Minderhoud

The selections seem to suggest a stereotypical view of what men buy at the supermarket. These products include barbeque sauce, suggesting outdoor grilling, junk food and soda, suggesting lolling on the couch and watching the big game, as well as razors, condoms. The article did not mention it, but beer, other guy-specific toiletries and hair care products were also included. One supposes that a guy who is a vegan, doesn't like sports, and is careless about grooming and having safe sex is just out of luck.

Still, if the man aisle is next to the freezer section that contains stuff to put on the grill, such as brisket, links, chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs, the idea might have some merit. Of course Bobby Flay has proven that these are just a few of the things one can put on the grill.

The idea of a man aisle has some limited merit because grabbing some stuff for the big game, big barbeque, or big date are just a few of the reasons men show up at the supermarket. For one thing, the same story indicated that a recent poll showed that 51 percent of male respondents were the primary grocery shoppers for their families. They may be a reflection of the slow economy, in which two income households have become one income households and unemployed men have taken on some of the domestic duties that stay at home wives primarily used to shoulder.

That further suggests that said men are buying more things than just barbeque and junk food, but rather the ingredients for family meals, which they also may be cooking to take the pressure off of their working wives. Many tv shows, if nothing else, have shown that cooking can be manly indeed.

What single men, whether never married or divorced, and gay couples would want on the man aisle is another consideration entirely.

In any case, one wonders what would happen if someone decided to create a "girl aisle" with products one would imagine that a woman would want to buy for her own use. One suspects that the cries of sexism would be heard from sea to shining sea and beyond.