Recent Freak Accidents Include Self-Stabbing and Swan Attack

April 2012 was an unusually busy month for freak accidents. In Mumbai, India, a boy hanging out the door of a speeding train collided with a boy doing the same thing on a train passing in the opposite direction. Both boys fell from their respective trains and suffered serious head injuries.

Recent Freak

Bizarre Survivor Tales

These folks also suffered freak accidents in April and lived to tell their bizarre tales:

* Fishing with dad doesn't normally lead to hospitalization, but it did for a 10-year-old New Zealand boy. He picked up a thrashing elephant fish the pair had caught and it punctured his chest with its spike, requiring emergency treatment.

* When Dennis Hennis of Vineland, N.J. tried to unjam his nail gun while repairing a roof, he neglected to notice where it was facing. He unjammed it, shooting a 3 ½ inch nail into his heart. He survived, according to Safety News Alert.

* It took a team of 30 rescue workers including firefighters using the Jaws of Life to free 5-year-old Channing Hughston's leg from her bicycle frame after her foot slipped off the pedal, WJACTV said. Channing's mother described the experience as "a scary hour and a half." The bike was a birthday present.

Fatal Freak Accidents

Some victims died from their injuries:

* NDTV reported a freak accident that resulted in 41-year-old Cynthia Tan Kian Hoon, a restaurant cook from Malaysia, accidentally stabbing herself to death. Tan Kian Hoon slipped while cooking with a six-inch knife in hand and the knife plunged through her ribs, severing a main artery.

* A swan attacked Anthony Hensley of Illinois, causing him to fall out of his kayak and drown. To add insult to injury, Hensley was in the kayak to check on the swan, which had been placed in a condo complex pond to deter geese from taking up residence.

* In Wisconsin, a woman and her son died the same night from two different suspected drunk driving crashes. The woman was laying in the road about 1 a.m. after drinking and was struck and killed by a possibly-intoxicated driver, Time reported. Her son died some four hours later, while rushing to the hospital in a speeding car driven by a friend authorities say may have been drunk.

* Michael Sands presumably faced extraordinary dangers in his self-described life as a CIA operative chasing terror suspects. But he survived face-to-face encounters with terrorists only to die after choking on a meat sample in an upscale deli. Efforts to save him using the Heimlich maneuver failed.