Man Builds Doomsday Bunker with Stolen Trailer

The antics of conspiracy theorists have been popping up in the news all year, but this one is perhaps the most unique. A Kissimmee man was caught building a doomsday bunker with a stolen trailer. The conspiracy theorist had apparently dug a hole in his yard large enough to accommodate the trailer.

The Kissimmee resident seemed to have devised an intricate plan for waiting out the end of the world.

He spent weeks digging an enormous trench in his yard, and area police were forced to orchestrate a retrieval effort for the purloined property. It is unclear whether the zoning laws in the neighborhood permit such construction, but the police were more concerned about returning the stolen goods.

According to the Daily Mail, police officers discovered this oddity when searching for a different stolen trailer. They received a tip that they might find it in front of this man's house, and the tip proved accurate. Upon further examination, they found a food truck-type trailer in the back yard, and the bunker trailer in question buried underneath it.

The police suggested that the man most likely used heavy construction equipment to dig the hole.

Doomsday bunkers have become increasingly popular this year as survivalists and conspiracy theorists attempt to ensure their survival (and comfort) in the event of an apocalyptic event. Luxury doomsday bunkers have even appeared on the scene, promising buyers a cozy and secure haven from the rest of the world.

Conspiracy theorists without access to the cash necessary to invest in a luxury bunker have taken matters into their own hands. Some are using basements to create survivalist havens, while others are building steel- and concrete-based bunkers above ground. In most cases, these havens are fully stocked with everything a person or family would need to survive for several months-or even years-after an apocalyptic event. That means food, water, reading materials, generators, and more.

It is not clear what kind of doomsday bunker this was. It might have been built to protect the homeowner from zombies, viruses, aliens, biological warfare, or any number of other doomsday demons. Survivalists have been refining doomsday bunker techniques for years, though most of these structures are a little more carefully planned.

The police noted that the buried trailer would probably not have protected the homeowner from any doomsday scenarios. They noted that trailers are not the most stable of structures, and went on to speculate that the home owner might have intended to add on to what he had already created.

Despite the stolen property, however, this conspiracy theorist certainly gets points for originality.