Doomsday Dating Connects Apocalypse-minded Survivalists

If the Mayan calendar is correct, December 21 will bring big changes to the planet. As survivalists prepare for a variety of doomsday scenarios, plenty of singles do not want to face the end of the world alone. Combining the search for romance with the world's impending doom has led to the creation of a niche within online dating communities.

Wikimedia Commons/GNULiberaler Humanist

What do single Doomsday Preppers look for in a Mate?

Joel Peters, COO of Kwink, LLC, noted in an April 20 PR Web press release that preppers are not focused on good looks and winning personalities. Since doomsday believers swim against the stream, the ability to find matching interests, character traits, and plans for the future is far more important. Whether it is homesteading, off-grid living, organic gardening, hunting, or preparing for the big one, doing it with a like-minded partner is simply easier. Truth be told, in some cases the odds of survival increase when two work together, so why not add a dash of romance?

The aptly named Survivalist Singles site features the slogan "Don't Face the Future Alone." As of the writing of this article, the site had 2,463 male members and 897 female members. It purports to be the "fastest growing relationship site on the web." Members talk about themselves in terms of property ownership, available survival equipment, and plans for the immediate future. There is little talk of wanting children; instead, there is more urgency to connect with a mate who is handy around the house and shares a passion for raising goats, chickens, and crops.

How do Survivalist Couples relate?

The common goal of meeting the challenges of December 21 should make it easy to get along. USA Today noted that most Americans already have an understanding of the lifestyle based on the show "Doomsday Preppers." The success of the show is easy to understand, considering that 61 percent of polled adults believe the planet will undergo a catastrophic event within the next two decades. Since only 15 percent of respondents believe themselves to be prepared, it makes sense that doomsday preparedness can become a joint venture for a dating couple. "It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle," one prepper explained.

What are the risks?

CNN highlighted that degrees of seriousness make some would-be partners unsuitable for one another. A female doomsday dater noted that there are hardcore preppers who quite literally "live in a hole in the ground." Others should note that dating relationships are occasionally the means to an end. For example, a dating prepper might hope that a relationship with a fellow-doomsayer will lead to entry into a survivalist society or group. Depending on the dater's urgency to connect with this type of group in preparation for the apocalypse, true love may become a secondary concern.

Then there is the question about the longevity of the relationship past December 21. If the sun rises on December 22 and electric grids continue to hum along without interruption, will doomsday prepper relationships last?