Book Your Last Night in Alto Paraiso De Goais – Hotel Reservations for the End of the World

If the Mayans are right about the world ending in 2012, there's not much time left to plan those last moments. Enterprising pousadas in Alto Paraiso de Goiás are eager to help.


Alto Paraiso de Goiás' draw isn't the opportunity to soak up ambiance in a luxury hotel at the world's end. If a full-service spa, plush robes and chocolate on the pillows as you lay your head down for the final time is the comfort you're seeking, any big hotel in any old city will do.

Alto Paraiso de Goiás is offering something different. Let's start with company. Who do you want to spend those last moments with?

With the 14th parallel so close at hand, how about some aliens of the little green variety? This is especially enticing for those who haven't come to terms with the world ending. You can cross your fingers those new alien friends will whisk you away to their world and spare you the termination of this one.

Even if you can't hook up with an alien (they can be elusive, you know), you can almost certainly find some toucans to hang out with. Considered links with the spirit world, your toucan pals might be able to get you an in with the big kahunas of the hereafter.

And what are you going to do in Alto Paraiso de Goiás while awaiting the inevitable?

Globo notes the place is the heart charka of the Earth- you don't want to check out without experiencing it, do you? Mystics flock to Alto Paraiso de Goiás to soak up its unusual auras, courtesy of the four million square foot quartz plate supporting it. Crystals are said to supplant chaos with order and perfection. That could be a mighty useful quality when 6.9 billion people are simultaneously facing the prospect of "lights out." If you're not convinced of the benefits of associating with Alto Paraiso de Goiás' crystals, surely you can at least appreciate spending your waiting hours amid their colorful beauty.

With so many different end of the world dates to pick from, do choose one that coincides with a monsoon. That''s when the natural pools at Vale da Lua in Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros are at their best, according to one travel guide. Put aside worries of flash flooding and drowning in a monsoon; with the world ending anyway, who cares? Just enjoy the warm waters the monsoon brings as you ponder the unearthly landscape and your next spiritual destination.