Albuquerque Woman Attempts to Sell Her Soul on Ebay

The Huffington Post reports that a woman identified as Lori N., a resident of c, N.M. attempted to sell her soul on Ebay. Apparently this runs contrary to Ebay's policy on selling body parts.

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The attempt by Lori to sell her soil on Ebay is not a stunt, but really more in the line of a cry for help. The woman was horribly injured in a car accident several years ago and still suffers health and financial problems as a result, partly because of her inability to work as a freelance writer. Nevertheless, Ebay took her bid down as a result of its policy against selling body parts, which apparently include a human soul.

There was a similar attempt by a University of Washington student to sell his soul earlier this year. This bid was taken down as well.

While it can be hoped that the publicity that Lori has garnered through her Ebay gambit will entice people to offer her help, one wonders what the purpose is of selling one's soul to the highest bidder. In most monotheistic traditions, there are only two entities who are interested and have a use for a human soul - God and Satan. Allowing the latter to get a hold of one's soul never ends well.

The story of the perils of selling one's soul to Satan is recounted in the famous Christopher Marlow Play, Dr. Faustus, about a scholar who delves into the dark arts and makes an ill considered pact with the Devil. He exchanges 24 years of life with everything he wants for his soul. Of course, having everything one wants is not as satisfying as it seems. In any case, Faustus eventually learns that it was not worth an eternity of torment in Hell.

Of course Faustus and Lori are two different people with different motives. Faustus wanted wealth, knowledge, and power beyond which his mortal talents could acquire. His story is of hubris, followed by a very nasty nemesis. Lori, on the other hand, simply wants an end to her torment, trapped as she is in a damaged body as the result of a drunk driver's recklessness. Her motives are at least purer, if the expression of them a little unorthodox. But maybe, by finding such a way to cry for help, she will not so much have lost her soul, but will help to gain it.