Familiar Cast of Characters on Season 2 of ‘Burning Love’

Our favorite unstable bachelorette Julie is back from season 1. But there’s a slew of familiar faces among her eligible bachelors. Here’s a handy who’s who.

Who he is: Jerry O'Connell
Whom he plays:Henry, the good guy
Why our bachelorette should choose him:He looks a lot like a grown-up version of that kid from "Stand by Me." Plus, his real life brother Charlie was once a real life "Bachelor."
Where you've seen him: Well, "Stand by Me," for one. Also: "Jerry Maguire," where he played football phenom Frank "Cush" Cushman.
What he says:"Watch out for your hand, Julie! Henry’s coming for it."
Secret weakness:He really, really, really loves women.

Who he is: Michael Cera
Whom he plays: Wally, the smart one
Why our bachelorette should choose him: If they have kids, he could totally take their SATs for them. Blindfolded!
Where you've seen him:Where do we begin? "Arrested Development," "Scott Pilgrim," "Youth in Revolt," and "Superbad," to name just a few of his high profile projects.
What he says: "It's painful having to watch people leave and imagine their pain and end up like them."
Secret weakness: Nuts. That includes -- but is not limited to -- peanuts, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and pistachios. Pretty much anything with a shell.

Who he is: Ryan Hansen
Whom he plays: Blaze, the bad boy
Why our bachelorette should choose him:He's bad to the bone, sugar. He may even have a tattoo certifying his membership in the Bad Boy Club, which is very exclusive. So far, just him and Dylan McKay.
Where you've seen him: The criminally under watched "Party Down" with Adam Scott and Ken Levine. He's also appeared in "Veronica Mars" (also with Levine) and the remake of "Friday the 13th." He won't be in the sequel, if you know what we mean.
What he says: "Those guys are all dumb idiots, and I hate them."
Secret weakness: Anyone badder than he is -- which, so far, is nobody.

Who he is: Adam Brody
Whom he plays: Max, the Jewish guy
Why our bachelorette should choose him: Everybody needs a Jewish mother. A Jewish mother-in-law is the next best thing.
Where you've seen him: Oh, lots of stuff. "The O.C.," "Jennifer's Body," "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and "The Ring." And, no, he's not related to Adrian Brody.
What he says:"She is a shiksa goddess."
Secret weakness: He doesn't know any nice Jewish girls.

Who he is: Colin Hanks
Whom he plays:Allison, the classy one
Why our bachelorette should choose him: She is a creature like no other. She deserves more than a life of IKEA furniture and Target-brand paper towels.
Where you've seen him: The spawn of Tom has had roles in "Orange County" (the movie, which is not to be confused with Brody's "The OC" TV show), "Mad Men," and "Dexter."
What he says:"When Annie tried to hand me that office-supply-store-clearance-rack pen, I was like, Bic, please!"
Secret weakness:If loving things that are gold-plated is wrong, he doesn't want to be right.

Who he is: Adam Scott
Whom he plays: Damien, the unlicensed therapist
Why our bachelorette should choose him: Odds are they're going to end up in couple's therapy anyway. Why not save a few bucks and marry a "therapist"?
Where you've seen him:Normally we don't trust guys with two first names, but Adam Scott (sigh) has won us over. He's had a string of hits in "Step Brothers," "Friends with Kids," and
"Parks and Recreation."
What he says: Well, he speaks more through dance.
Secret weakness: Thinks the DSM-IV is a droid from "Star Wars."

Want to see who wins? Watch “Burning Love” -- see the trailer below.