• It all comes down to a showdown between two bickering ex-lovers and a surprise love connection on the "Burning Love" Season 3 finale. And it ends with a bizarre twist that even twist-loving host Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) doesn't see coming.

    Catching up with the "losers"

    The "Burning Love" host -- dressed in his "professional clothes," of course -- introduces all the eliminated players with the notable exception of fan-favorite Carly (Janet Varney). She's suing the producers for inflicting "acute mental trauma."

    Happy couple Lexie (Beth Dover) and Alex (Joe Lo Truglio) survived their trip to jail, but she still has not met Alex's son, Braxton. "After watching the show, my ex-wife has forbidden that," he explains.

    Paying homage to his absent teammate, Zak (Kumail Nanjiani) says that Carly opened his eyes: "I decided to dedicate my life to women's rights. I sold my rice-pedaling business and poured all my money into an organization that fights to get women the right to vote," he

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  • Heading into the last challenge, three "Burning Love" couples must bust a move to stay in the running for that elusive $900.

    Zak's burning desire

    Carly (Janet Varney) and Zakir (Kumail Nanjiani) -- the oddest match of all -- talk strategy as Zak offers her his heart: "Let's say I'm a girl. My name is Zakira. If I was gay for you, and you were gay for me, I would let you hail the cabs. I would let you buy light bulbs. If there was an intruder in the house, I would let you take a baseball bat."

    Dressed for 18 holes, host Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) introduces the latest challenge: "Tonight you'll be dancing…for your lives. The twist: They will not be dancing for their actual lives. "Ultimately, everybody is going to die -- chances are not during this competition." (But just think of the ratings!)

    The couples will be judged on style, as well as their romantic chemistry. Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) is ready to bring it: "I've done about seven years of Afro Jazz training down at the Y.

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  • "Burning Love" host Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) loves a good twist, and the latest episode turns everything around. "The Twist Twists Again" sees an untimely departure and a shocking reappearance.

    The fifth time's the charm

    Lounging outside the mansion, Mark (Ken Marino) tells new love Felicia (Carly Craig) about a childhood trauma: "When I was born, I had hair all over my body --on my face, on my arms, my eyeballs, ears, everywhere. My dad was like 'This is a monkey; this isn't my son,' and he wanted to bring me to the zoo."

    A swooning and no longer ape-like Mark thinks he has finally found love: "I know I've said this like five times before, but I think I found my soulmate on this show. Five's a charm."

    Eliminated last episode, Hathwell (Armen Weitzman) wanders by the happy couple. "I was so sad when I was eliminated from the game, and it's actually taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I need to leave this mansion -- physically," he says. (Security!)

    Adios, Señor

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  • "Burning Love" contestants try their hand at word play, but two players head home after their valiant attempts at verse make things much…worse.

    Julie and Hathwell?

    Blaze (Ryan Hansen) and Annie (Abigail Spencer) enjoy another sweet coffee moment, but she still has doubts about their chances. "Maybe there's a little chemistry there," Annie admits. "But I'm in it for the money." (Will that still be the case after Blaze's sweet-ish poem to her?)

    Still reeling from the breakup, Julie (June Diane Raphael) stakes her claim on hapless superfan Hathwell (Armen Weitzman).

    "I was hurt, but believe me, I have moved on. I actually have my eye on someone else who's also in the house -- and he's putting out a lot of sexual energy," Julie says to the camera. "He's also got some pretty great socks." (Fashion note: One should never wear tall white socks with shorts before Labor Day… or ever.)

    'Who is going home?' poem

    Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) arrives, sans costume but absolutely rocking a linen

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  • In the juicy, game-changing Episode 10 of "Burning Love," two cast members leave the show for trivial reasons. Alliances also shift as one longtime couple breaks up, possibly for good.

    Mark Orlando haunted by the poison daiquiri

    Mark (Ken Marino) struggles with the aftermath of his near-death experience. "It made me realize that life is short -- too short to be tied down to the people that you're not into anymore and who keep you from pursuing the person that you are into," he not-so-subtly says to the camera. That person he's into is Felicia (Carly Craig).

    Heading into another phone therapy session with Aunt Pam, the hunky fireman acts surprisingly affectionate toward Julie (June Diane Raphael). When Pam answers the phone, though, Mark lowers the boom, ending both the engagement and their relationship.

    "For me, it's like a giant boulder coming at me. And I'm like, 'Stop! That boulder that's coming at me, I want it gone.' You're the boulder," Mark tells Julie.


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  • As the title, "A Shocking Twist," indicates, the latest episode of "Burning Love" contains a truly jaw-dropping turn-of-events: Host Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) does not wear a funny costume -- no serapes, wetsuits, or polo outfits. Shocking indeed!

    Oh -- and Lexie (Beth Dover) tries to poison Annie (Abigail Spencer). Slightly less shocking.

    Chemistry 101

    While communing with the voices in her head, Lexie watches a bare-chested Mark (Ken Marino) and Blaze (Ryan Hansen) pump some iron. (Today's lunch special: beefcake.)

    Still bummed that the hunky bad boy misled her with "very suggestive eye contact," Lexie can hardly summon enough energy to properly abuse Hathwell (Armen Weitzman). The resident psycho has another fan, though; one who actually has been on the show before.

    "Lexie has a reputation for being a bit dramatic, but I just think she's passionate," a smitten Alex (Joe Lo Truglio) says to the camera. His magic fingers coax a really, really breathless

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  • "Wet T-Shirt Contest," the latest installment of "Burning Love," leaves little to the imagination (with a not-so-sexy, but thoroughly explained, twist). Lexie (Beth Dover) also has that epic nervous breakdown we've all been expecting since Episode 1.

    Aunt Pam's "busy"?

    While chatting up Felicia (Carly Craig) in the kitchen, a smitten Mark (Ken Marino) shows he's a gentleman by not looking at/down her new pink shirt. "A lot of women think that if a guy looks down at a shirt, you're looking at the woman's breasts," he explains. Felicia playfully gives him permission to look, though, and Mark barely hesitates. "That's a great…shirts," says the smooth talker.

    Julie (June Diane Raphael) arrives just in time to break up the sexy exchange, much to the fireman's dismay. "I've never been suffocated before, but I would bet, dollars for doughnuts, that it feels exactly like this," he says to the camera.

    Julie corrals her fiancé for Aunt Pam's phone therapy session, but Mark says

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  • This week on "Burning Love," we found out what happens when things start getting real (sorta). "Doctor Doctor" also drops romantic bombshells that could affect who heads home with the $900.

    A surprise for Hayley

    A smiling Hayley (Natasha Leggero) wakes up actually looking pleasant for once -- until she pukes her guts out. Thinking Hayley has food poisoning, a worried Felicia (Carly Craig) offers her Tums Freshers for pukey breath.

    "S--- just got real!" Hayley says at the camera. Her night with Grammy nominee Lev Realness (Tom Lennon) in Episode 4 left her with more than just a morning-after glow. Score one for host Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) -- and everyone else -- who bet that Hayley going off the pill was a bad decision.

    Virginia admires Simon's flatware

    Octogenarian Virginia (Helen Slayton-Hughes) talks lovingly about her spooning relationship with Prince Simon (Rob Huebel). "Sort of a fork and knife, too, if you know what I mean. Big soup spoon," she says

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  • "Hurtful Questions," a more -- dare we say -- educational episode of "Burning Love," explores the depths of Lexie's (Beth Dover) obsession with pretty-boy/bad-boy Blaze (Ryan Hansen) and the mysteries of indoor plumbing.

    Crisis in the kitchen

    Unable to master a single-handle faucet, a sensitive Prince Simon (Rob Huebel) burns his hand in the kitchen sink: "Why was it hot? Because it was angry?"

    Virginia (Helen Slayton Hughes) details the principles behind indoor plumbing for Simon -- and how to tell left from right. "Simon reminds me of my grandson who just turned 2 last week," she explains.

    (Side note: Don't use the sink, "Burning Love" contestants; Simon's been using it as a toilet.)

    Psycho killer qu'est que ce?

    In the corner, Blaze and Annie (Abigail Spencer) have a sweet moment over coffee. "I think Annie might be finally letting her walls down. And it's about damn time," he said. Patience is a virtue, Blaze.

    Cue the theme from "Bates Motel," because Lexie

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  • Relationships turn sour on the latest episode of "Burning Love." "Fruit Run" pits the remaining contestants against each other, but two players fall thanks to a devious run-by fruiting.

    Noah and Felicia: Could she be the one?

    Felicia (Carly Craig) shares a quiet moment with virgin Noah (Alex Anfanger) as she writes a letter to her dog, Senor Soup. "I really like Felicia a lot. I mean we've really become great friends, but if for some reason she would have sex with me, I would be all for that," Noah says.

    Felicia shares his feeling, telling Noah exactly what she wants to do to him (yowza). Mark (Ken Marino) arrives and goes for the full-court press on Felicia. "Mark is a great guy. He's always checking in with me … giving me shoulder rubs, asking about my bra size," she says. Aw, what a saint.

    Couples counseling for the prom king and queen

    Julie (June Diane Raphael) interrupts the pool-side convo to drag Mark to couples counseling. "I love Julie -- don't get me wrong

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