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  • Soldier gives astounding performance of Rihanna’s “Stay”

    You've probably never heard of him before, but American soldier Paul Iloilo Leti can sing. Like, really sing.

    Leti performed Rihanna's "Stay" for what appears to be an audience of one. But rest assured, if he were on stage at Madison Square Garden, he would have brought the house down.

    Before singing, Leti, dressed in camouflage, munches on some breakfast cereal. "Shout out to Rihanna. I love you," Leti says in the clip.

    Twitter reaction to his performance has been across-the-board "Wow!" Below, a few responses...

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  • Spelling bee snafu has happy ending

    A 12-year-old spelling bee contestant is getting a second shot at a county crown after contest administrators admitted to making a big mistake.

    KMPH reports that Sierra Shoemaker was competing in her school district's spelling bee in Fresno County, California. She was given the word "braille" and spelled it correctly. However, the judge said otherwise. He told Sierra that "braille" contained only one "l."

    As if! In an interview with KMPH, Shoemaker said she knew the word-master was wrong. "I didn't want to say anything, because, you know, the word-master tells you you have a word wrong, you don't really argue with him. I was shocked. I was just kind of like, 'What?'"

    Shoemaker ending up taking second place. Impressive, but not good enough to make it to the next round in the Fresno County Spelling Bee. Phone calls were made, petitions filed, and the story has a happy ending. Officials from Sierra's school district spoke with organizers of the county bee, who agreed to allow the

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  • Babies Laughing at Puppies

    Babies are cute. Dogs are cute. Babies laughing at dogs? You do the math.

    CompilarizTV put together a montage of adorable babies laughing their huge little heads off as rambunctious dogs lick their faces and jump around.

    The babies in the clip laugh uncontrollably, as if they're hearing Richard Pryor tell bawdy jokes at a comedy club. Comments at YouTube range from "cutest supercut ever" to "why do dogs make babies laugh? and why do babies make dogs curious? and why is life so beautiful?"

    Of course, all the babies are hilarious, but we recommend you pay special attention to the kid with the water hose near the end of the clip. Mark our words -- that one's gonna be a troublemaker.

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  • Wild Brawl Erupts at College Baseball Game

    A bench-clearing baseball brawl between Sacramento State and the University of California, Riverside on Friday resulted in ejections and stunned reactions from fans who witnessed the melee.

    Sacramento's KCRA-3 interviewed fans and coaches who were there. The brawl began when a Riverside player was caught in a rundown between second and third base. After being tagged out, he punched the Sacramento State fielder, knocking his glasses off. The benches cleared and chaos ensued.

    "I was just shocked," said one fan who saw the punch and ensuing brawl. Riverside coach Doug Smith said that he hadn't seen such "serious swinging" in six or eight years. Even a parent of one of the players involved in the fight admitted that he'd "never seen anything like it in all the years I've been watching baseball."

    Not everybody was outraged, though. On Twitter, folks chimed in with their positive feedback. @DuranSports gave props to the fight, calling it a “legit baseball brawl.” @BillShaikin wrote, “Never

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  • Upstate Dad Returns Home From Afghanistan

    Staff Sergeant Christopher Page wasn't supposed to return home from Afghanistan until May. At least that's what his two sons thought. Sgt. Page surprised his boys, Hunter and Chandler, by stopping by their schools and greeting them in front of their classmates. The emotional reunions were recorded by NBC-4 in Greenville, South Carolina.

    In the first reunion, Page's son Hunter stands in a school assembly, preparing to be honored for his work with the ROTC program. Just as he's about to receive his medal, his father appears behind him. They hug and Hunter quickly breaks down in tears. In the second reunion, Sgt. Page travels to his younger son Chandler's school. After that hug is over and the applause dies down, Sgt. Page looks at his son and says, "You know you have to go back to class now, right?"

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  • ‘Bachelor’ moments that made us cringe

    "Burning Love" season 2The new season of "The Bachelorette" spoof "Burning Love" promises a lot of inept flirting, ill-advised hook-ups, and fiasco-like ceremonies, the two shows that inspired it had a lot of those same moments, only unscripted.

    Below, a recap of the top five most cringe-worth moments from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." Obviously these are subject to debate. So many to choose from!

    5. Jake Pavelka vs Vienna Girardi

    Ever been stuck at a party with two people who can't stand the fact that the other person exists? At first it's sort of amusing. And then it gets... well, watch and see for yourself.

    4. Jason dumping Melissa and asking for Molly back on "After the Rose"

    Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale of "The Bachelor." A short time later, Mesnick had a change of heart and told Rycroft (on national television, mind you) that he still had feelings for runner-up Molly Malaney. Awkward, but turned out to be the right call -- Mesnick and Malaney are now

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  • Familiar Cast of Characters on Season 2 of ‘Burning Love’

    Our favorite unstable bachelorette Julie is back from season 1. But there’s a slew of familiar faces among her eligible bachelors. Here’s a handy who’s who.

    Who he is: Jerry O'Connell
    Whom he plays:Henry, the good guy
    Why our bachelorette should choose him:He looks a lot like a grown-up version of that kid from "Stand by Me." Plus, his real life brother Charlie was once a real life "Bachelor."
    Where you've seen him: Well, "Stand by Me," for one. Also: "Jerry Maguire," where he played football phenom Frank "Cush" Cushman.
    What he says:"Watch out for your hand, Julie! Henry’s coming for it."
    Secret weakness:He really, really, really loves women.

    Who he is: Michael Cera
    Whom he plays: Wally, the smart one
    Why our bachelorette should choose him: If they have kids, he could totally take their SATs for them. Blindfolded!
    Where you've seen him:Where do we begin? "Arrested Development," "Scott Pilgrim," "Youth in Revolt," and "Superbad," to name just a few of his high profile projects.
    What he says:

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  • Super Bowl XLVII’s buzziest ads

    Ads for Super Bowl XLVII went for around $4 million for 30 seconds. Here are the 10 spots that we feel made the most of their (expensive) half-minute in the spotlight. Some are funny. Some are strange. Some are, dare we say, downright moving.

    Disagree with our list? Did we overlook your favorite? Leave us a note in the comments.

    Budweiser: Brotherhood
    A beautiful Clydesdale is raised by and then reunited with the trainer who raised it. If you found yourself misting up, you weren't alone. Twitter was full of crying confessions.

    Oreo: Whisper fight
    What starts out as a whisper-fight in a library turns into an out-of-control melee. At least the lunatics (and the cops) remember to use their indoor voices throughout. Manners count for something.

    Doritos: Goat 4 sale
    Who wouldn't want a goat? After this commercial, everybody. A man takes in a goat and slowly realizes that the animal will not stop until it eats all the Doritos on the planet. Buyer beware.

    M&Ms: Love Ballad
    A smitten M&M

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  • Viewer backlash over Go Daddy and Calvin Klein spots

    Not every Super Bowl ad is a winner. Some crash and burn. They try to be funny, or sexy, or dramatic, or memorable, but something just doesn't work.

    Or, in the case of this year's Go Daddy spot, nothing works. The spot features supermodel Bar Refaeli and a stereotypical nerdy Go Daddy tech expert. Race car driver Danica Patrick explains that there are two sides to Go Daddy. "There's the sexy side, represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they're perfect."

    [ Related: 10 most buzzy Super Bowl ads ]

    Then the two kiss. And it isn't a peck, either. This is a long, drawn-out make-out slobberfest that was supposed to be funny (we think), but isn't. But don't take our word for it. The Twitter feedback was not kind.

    A few sample tweets:

    • @WorseThanCrocs gave the spot the ultimate thumbs-down: "That Go Daddy commercial... Was Worse Than Crocs."
    • @Dixie_DarlinAL wrote, "I still feel nauseous over that Go
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  • The Amy Poehler questions you didn’t hear on TV

    Is there anything Amy Poehler can't do? Not only does she (with the help of Tina Fey) make award shows watchable (see: Golden Globes), but she can also do the same thing for commercials.

    Amy Poehler's ad for Best Buy was definitely a first-half highlight. In the spot, the "SNL" alum asks an unflappable Best Buy employee a slew of questions, many of them borderline inappropriate ("Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word 'dongle'?").

    Yes, Amy, but in a good way. The 30-second spot is a winner, but if you ask us, the minute-long extended cut is even better. A sampling of Poehler's best lines:

    • [While examining a camera] "How many megapixels does one really need?"
    • "Do you deliver?" [Dramatic pause, then sexy look to baffled employee.] "No, I mean: Do you deliver?"
    • "Which washing machine is the most vibrate-iest?
    • "Can this [cell phone] transfer all my pictures of puppies dressed up like hot dogs?"

    You can watch the full minute-long clip above. We could have stuck around for

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