Billy Don't Preach

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Billy Don't Preach

Billy Don't Preach
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Billy Don't Preach

by Sketchy 3:46 mins

Billy Don't Preach

by Sketchy 3:46 mins

"Miley Cyrus" pays homage to the original provocateur, Madonna, and her father Billy Ray Cyrus, all in one song! Starring Amanda Swanson, Patrick Tiller, Chelsea Corp, Alyse Palombaro, Sonya Marie, Eben Kostbar. Director/writer: Brian Holmes. Producer: Corey Moss, Sam Kirkpatrick, Laura Dziamba, Gerald Rawles. DP: Barry Elmore. Editor: James Fitzpatrick. Song: Tommy Fields, Nikki Boyer. Prod. Design: Katie Crawford. Wardrobe: Heather Karasek. A Principato-Young Entertainment/Electus/CollegeHumor Production.



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