Bill Murray's Apology

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Bill Murray's Apology

Bill Murray's Apology
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Bill Murray's Apology

by Saturday Night Live 3:19 mins

Bill Murray's Apology

by Saturday Night Live 3:19 mins

In 1977, Bill Murray was a rookie on "Saturday Night Live" -- a little-known 26-year-old who replaced fan favorite Chevy Chase. Several episodes in, Murray sat in front of the camera to make an unusual apology: He wasn't good on the show, and he knew it. The three-minute confession to audiences was, ironically, funny. Funny because it was true. As Murray explained later: "I'd been there a pretty long time, and they were sort of stuck with me. I'd actually had the idea to do something exactly like what it was, and that day when I went to work, Lorne said, 'You know, I think you should do a direct appeal.' He had the same idea too. So I did this thing, I wrote the thing, and it was kind of funny and I wasn't too full of myself or anything. There was a couple of tablespoons of humility in it. I got laughs in it, and I think the combination of the two broke some sort of ice, not just for me but for people watching." Bizarrely comical and brutally honest (he mentions his father's early death and his mother's struggle to raise nine children), it is an early glimpse of Murray's unique brand of humor. "Bill Murray's Apology" would prove to be one of countless nights he'd win audiences over.

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