From 'Bikini ban' to 'Bikini beach'

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From 'Bikini ban' to 'Bikini beach'

From 'Bikini ban' to 'Bikini beach'
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From 'Bikini ban' to 'Bikini beach'

by TIMES NOW 6:28 mins

From 'Bikini ban' to 'Bikini beach'

by TIMES NOW 6:28 mins

A big controversy has unfolded over Goa MLA Lavoo Mamledar's proposal for a Bikini beach.The Goa MLA. back from his Brazil jaunt has proposed a bikini beach where tourist can be chanrged. His logic is that it will promote tourism and generate revenue. But ally BJP including the Goa tourism Minister has distanced himself from the comment claiming the proposal is his personal opinion and not the state government's position.

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