Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress

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Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress

Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress
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Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress

by Storyful 2:26 mins

Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress

by Storyful 2:26 mins

A number of crimes were foiled by Batkid on November 15 in Gotham City, thanks to five year old Miles Scott and the Make A Wish Foundation. Miles was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months old and was given a chance to emulate his hero Batman with a little help from the people of San Francisco. This video shows Batkid helping a damsel in distress who was tied to tram tracks. Credit: Funktified13

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