Bashir Calls Palin "world Class Idiot"

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Bashir Calls Palin "world Class Idiot"

Bashir Calls Palin "world Class Idiot"
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Bashir Calls Palin "world Class Idiot"

by Wochit 0:39 mins

Bashir Calls Palin "world Class Idiot"

by Wochit 0:39 mins

No one really pays Sarah Palin any mind these days, but British reporter Martin Bashir felt compelled to take the former Alaskan governor to task after her recent speech comparing America's national debt to slavery. Bashir, famous for interviewing Michael Jackson and the late Princess of Wales, blasted Palin on his MSNBC program, Clear The Air. Bashir felt that Palin's comparison cemented her place in American culture as its "resident dunce," and called her a "world class idiot."

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