Super Size Man Loves Super Skinny Woman

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Super Size Man Loves Super Skinny Woman

Super Size Man Loves Super Skinny Woman
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Super Size Man Loves Super Skinny Woman

by Barcroft TV 3:17 mins

Super Size Man Loves Super Skinny Woman

by Barcroft TV 3:17 mins

An anorexic skinny woman and an obese super size man who met while they were both at an eating disorder clinic are planning to get married. Lizzie Elsburg, 24, weighed just six and a half stone when she was suffering from eating disorder anorexia and met 30 stone super size and over weight Chris Glasgow, 28, during eating disorder therapy sessions at Pacific Shores Hospital in California. Chris, now 25 stone, left the eating disorder clinic in January and moved to Virginia be near Lizzie, who now weighs a healthy nine stone, and the couple got engaged a few weeks later. Previous anorexic Lizzie is now helping Chris stick to a healthy diet and an exercise regime to help him to lose weight - and has told her fiancé he needs to keep losing weight before she will marry him.Videographer / Director: Markus Zeffler, Producer: Karen Grattage, Editor: Ben Churcher

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