Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

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Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah
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Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

by Barcroft TV 0:43 mins

Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

by Barcroft TV 0:43 mins

A Jack Russell shows no fear as she licks cleans the face of a female cheetah. The best friends are both based at the Cheetah Experience big cat centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Five-year-old rescue dog Chloe first clapped eyes on 14-month-old cheetah Eden during a morning walk - and now the pair spend hours together playing, nuzzling and cleaning one another. Although they live in separate areas of the park, the duo are reunited whenever the cheetahs are allowed into the big camp. And while they may seem like an unlikely pairing, this little and large-style friendship seems set to go from strength to strength. Videographer / Director: Cheetah Experience, Producer: Tom Midlane, Editor: Jack Stevens.

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