Indian Dwarf Overcomes Adversity To Find Love

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Indian Dwarf Overcomes Adversity To Find Love

Indian Dwarf Overcomes Adversity To Find Love
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Indian Dwarf Overcomes Adversity To Find Love

by Barcroft TV 2:30 mins

Indian Dwarf Overcomes Adversity To Find Love

by Barcroft TV 2:30 mins

At just under three-and-a-half foot tall, Arif Ibrahim Tambe had resigned himself to life alone. But the 32-year-old, who grew up against a backdrop of extreme size prejudice, has finally found love – with a woman almost 2ft taller than him. His new wife Ameena Ahmed, 21, even agreed to marry him - despite the threat of being disowned by her family. And the couple who live in Pune, India, have now taken their relationship to new heights by having their first child together. Videographer / Director: Manav Manglani, Producer: John Balson / Ruchika Hurria, Editor: Joshua Douglas.

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