The Cornershop: An Entire Shop's Contents Made From Felt

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The Cornershop: An Entire Shop's Contents Made From Felt

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The Cornershop: An Entire Shop's Contents Made From Felt

by Barcroft TV 2:10 mins

The Cornershop: An Entire Shop's Contents Made From Felt

by Barcroft TV 2:10 mins

WELCOME to the grocery store where it is the products rather than the customers that have been stitched-up - because they are made entirely from FELT. The Cornershop, in Bethnal Green, east London, is the brainchild of London-based artist Lucy Sparrow. The pop-up shop features everything from huggable ready meals and squeezable confectionery to stitched felt newspapers, ice lollies and oven chips - and even a felt pricing gun. The 28-year-old painstakingly stitched together an incredible 3,944 items over a seven month period - requiring more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION stitches. The shop will be open throughout the month of August - with everything available to buy, with prices varying from £3 for a felt cigarette lighter to £840 for the store's till - the most expensive item on display. For more information on the exhibition, please visit: Videographer / Director: Jack Stevens / Bradley Garrett, Producer: Thomas Midlane, Editor: Jack Stevens.

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