Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks

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Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks

Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks
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Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks

by Barcroft TV 1:14 mins

Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks

by Barcroft TV 1:14 mins

A diver sedates a shark by flipping it upside down to remove a hook protruding from its mouth. Friends Cameron Nimmo and Randy Jordan have made it their mission to help sharks that have been pierced with fishing hooks and remove them from their mouths, noses, and bodies. The hooks are often left in the sharks after being caught and released by fishermen. The pair, who go by the name Shark Addicts, came across a 6ft Silky shark while swimming off the coast of Jupiter in Florida, USA earlier this month. During the encounter Randy gently turns the shark upside down while Cameron removes the hook. Randy, who also runs Emerald Charter boat tours, says on average about 75 percent of the ten to twenty sharks they encounter have hooks in them. The pair hope their videos will raise awareness about sharks' precarious position in the ecosystem and show that humans pose more of a threat to them than they do to us. Videographer / Director: Candid, Producer: Samantha Grillo, Editor: Joshua Douglas.

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