How Bad Posture Hurts Your Health

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How Bad Posture Hurts Your Health

How Bad Posture Hurts Your Health
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How Bad Posture Hurts Your Health

by Daily Shot 3:51 mins

How Bad Posture Hurts Your Health

by Daily Shot 3:51 mins

We all know that having good posture is important, but you might not know that having bad posture can affect your overall health. Jill Miller is a yoga and fitness therapy expert who says that the way we sit can affect our internal organs. "Your pelvis is designed to house your pelvic organs, like your bladder, your colon, and your uterus, and it likes to be in an environment where it doesn't have all of these pressures forced down on it," Jill explains. "So if you sit in a way that tips your pelvis back, or if you are constantly crossing and uncrossing your legs, you keep altering the pressures going into that pelvis." What happens after altered pressure? "Leakage," Jill says, and other side effects you wouldn't traditionally think of, like bad breath, heartburn, and indigestion. "When you're putting weird pressures on your stomach, that can alter the sphincter that allows food to pass," she explains.

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