Avoiding His Friend Zone

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Avoiding His Friend Zone

Avoiding His Friend Zone
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Avoiding His Friend Zone

by The Girl's Game 5:50 mins

Avoiding His Friend Zone

by The Girl's Game 5:50 mins

Sarah has too many guy friends and no boyfriend. She feels like guys put her in the "friend zone" and doesn't know to catch their attention in a romantic and sexual way.Mehow, a professional pick-up artist, is about to teach her how guys think so she can become irresistible to them. In this episode, he teaches Sarah the concept of "intermittent rewarding". He explains how to get guys to chase her by using her laughter, touch, and teasing as rewards for the guy's good behavior. She also learns how to "punish" guys by occasionally withholding these rewards. This creates the romantic friction that fuels desire. Then he does something never before seen: he films her on hidden camera as she approaches real guys at a bar and puts her new skills to the test. She quickly learns that the art of pick-up can be just as tricky for women as it is for men. Will she escape the Friend Zone?

The Girl's Game


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