Celeb chef's avocado advice

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Celeb chef's avocado advice

Celeb chef's avocado advice
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Celeb chef's avocado advice

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:37 mins

Celeb chef's avocado advice

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:37 mins

Celebrity personal chef Gaby Dalkin shares some trade tips on avocados as she and host Judy Greer make mango cilantro guacamole. When you're looking for an avocado, Gaby says, you want to make sure its little brown "nub" is still on it. The "nub" keeps the air out, which turns an avocado brown. When you feel the avocado it should have a bit of give, but not be mushy. See Gaby's method for cutting an avocado and get her delicious recipe by watching the full episode.

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