Autistic Boy Thrives Thanks to Golf

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Autistic Boy Thrives Thanks to Golf

Autistic Boy Thrives Thanks to Golf
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Autistic Boy Thrives Thanks to Golf

by KTLA - Los Angeles 7:40 mins

Autistic Boy Thrives Thanks to Golf

by KTLA - Los Angeles 7:40 mins

Wyatt -- who was diagnosed with severe autism -- was 4 years old when he decided to finally reach out to the world around him. As his father was flipping through television channels, the boy perked up when they passed the Golf Channel. His first words to his dad were, "What`s that?" Since then, Wyatt`s passion for golf led him to the Special Olympics Southern California. The game has provided an outlet, an interest and a reward for the now-11-year-old. It`s also been a way to connect and engage with his loving parents.

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