Today in History for June 6th

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Today in History for June 6th

Today in History for June 6th
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Today in History for June 6th

by Associated Press Videos 1:42 mins

Today in History for June 6th

by Associated Press Videos 1:42 mins

Highlights of this day in history: The D-Day invasion of World War II; Israel invades Lebanon to drive out Yasser Arafat; Remains of fugitive Nazi doctor Josef Mengele exhumed in Brazil; First drive-in theater opens in Camden, N.J. (June 6)

Associated Press


  1. 0:56

    IMF's Lagarde says Ghana's IMF program likely to free up other lending

  2. 1:45

    Millions expected to view Turin Shroud in rare display

  3. 1:17

    South Africa's Zuma tells foreigners they are welcome to stay

  4. 1:13

    18th century replica of French frigate prepares for Atlantic crossing

  5. 0:59

    Afghan President blames Islamic State for deadly blast

  6. 1:03

    Iran's Rouhani says Tehran's military strategy aims for peace


  1. 0:34

    Huge fire breaks out on film set in Mumbai, India

  2. 1:05

    Driver accidentally ends up in huge hole in Russia

  3. 1:08

    Most expensive Czech car ever made launches in Prague

  4. 0:34

    Boston Dynamics robot test run

  5. 1:45

    Holocaust memorial siren brings traffic to a standstill in Israel

  6. 0:33

    Fireball erupts from pavement in Peckham, London, UK


  1. 1:46

    Commemoration of Anzac Day Centennial Begins

  2. 0:15

  3. 0:55

    Cameron Applauds Sikh Culture Following Harvest Holiday Parade

  4. 4:32

    Singer-Songwriter Lampoons Farage

  5. 1:11

    Actor Michael Sheen Asks Voters to Save NHS

  6. 4:10

    Police and Protesters Clash in Bahrain, Ahead of F1 Grand Prix