Today in History for June 5th

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Today in History for June 5th

Today in History for June 5th
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Today in History for June 5th

by Associated Press Videos 1:59 mins

Today in History for June 5th

by Associated Press Videos 1:59 mins

Highlights of this day in history: Sen. Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles; The Six-Day War erupts in the Mideast; Birth of the Marshall Plan; First reported AIDS cases in the U.S.; Former President Ronald Reagan dies. (June 5)

Associated Press


  1. 1:39

    Celebrities, politicians walk "nerd prom" red carpet

  2. 1:07

    Soccer fans clash with police at Belgrade match

  3. 1:00

    Thousands protest in Croatian capital over government handling of hard-hit debtors

  4. 1:06

    Historic handshake that marked ending of WWII in Europe re-enacted

  5. 2:42

    Michigan couple hoping for joint adoption awaits Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision

  6. 1:46

    Migrants in ex-US Navy base wait and hope for pass to new life


  1. 0:33

    Man performs superman motorbike stunt on motorway

  2. 0:47

    Man plays tune using phone's vibrations

  3. 0:57

    Residents escape huge building collapse in Cairo

  4. 0:44

    Eruption of Calbuco volcano

  5. 1:25

    Calbuco volcano eruption

  6. 1:33

    Cute cat hides in suitcase


  1. 0:15

    Baseball Fans, Protesters Clash Outside Camden Yards

  2. 0:15

    Baltimore Protesters Smash Police Vehicles

  3. 0:15

    Protesters Yell at Baltimore Police, March on Camden Yards

  4. 0:24

    White Supremacists Face Off With Anti-Racism Group in St. Louis

  5. 0:16

    Protesters Chant for Handcuffs on Baltimore Police Commissioner

  6. 0:07

    Hundreds March in Baltimore Seeking Answers for Freddie Gray's Death