Today in History for July 21st

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Today in History for July 21st

Today in History for July 21st
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Today in History for July 21st

by Associated Press Videos 1:42 mins

Today in History for July 21st

by Associated Press Videos 1:42 mins

Highlights of this day in history: First major battle in America's Civil War fought at Bull Run in Virginia; Scopes 'Monkey Trial' concludes; Peace deal ends Indochina War; Author Ernest Hemingway and actor-comedian Robin Williams born. (July 21)

Associated Press

New York Times

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    Al Shabaab gunmen kill 14 in attack on Kenyan workers

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    The future of travel? A tube called Hyperloop

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    Funeral for migrants killed in shipwreck

  4. 2:12

    The final 'last chance' for Greece?

  5. 1:24

    Mogherini: Six powers, Iran continue nuclear talks past deadline

  6. 1:34

    Germany mulls mega media merger


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    Controlled explosions after 'gunman' seen in Rainham, Essex

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    Humpback whale sprays rainbow from blowhole.

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    Storms hit Northern Ireland

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    Dramatic crash at NASCAR race in Daytona, FL, US

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    Huge warehouse fire sends smoke across London sky

  6. 2:47

    Thunderstorms hit Derbyshire


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    Schäuble Says No Aid for Athens Without New Programme

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    Dijsselbloem Predicts 'Very Difficult' Meeting of Eurogroup

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    Video Shows FSU QB De'Andre Johnson Punching Women in Tallahassee Bar

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    Stop Heckling, Says Juncker, I'm Texting Greek PM

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    Lightning Strikes as Helicopter Passes Through Las Vegas Storm

  6. 0:19

    Heavy Showers Roll Into Las Vegas