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Glamour Magazine Honors

Glamour Magazine Honors
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Glamour Magazine Honors

by Associated Press Videos 2:41 mins

Glamour Magazine Honors

by Associated Press Videos 2:41 mins

Glamour Magazine host the annual Women of the Year Awards where Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin react to protesters in Thailand adopting "The Hunger Games'" three-finger salute, and Little Mix defend One Direction over their alleged 'joint' video. (June 4)

Associated Press


  1. 2:01

    Plankton - the tiny animal that helps you breathe

  2. 1:19

    Ramadi displaced allowed into Baghdad

  3. 1:19

    WWII veterans honored on Memorial Day

  4. 0:29

    At least seven dead after Tunisian soldier opens fire on fellow troops at Tunis barracks

  5. 1:07

    Tunisian soldier opens fire on colleagues, kills three before being shot dead

  6. 0:42

    Colombian police officer killed after FARC ends ceasefire


  1. 0:33

    Chihuahua autopilot engaged!

  2. 1:23

    Flooding in Elk CIty, OK

  3. 1:34

    Hollywood Actor Stven Seagal Gives Martial Arts Masterclass

  4. 4:36

    Dramatic footage of car fire in Grasmere

  5. 0:35

    Motor scooter rider lies down on busy road

  6. 0:33

    Newborn Goat tries to cross over Dog


  1. 0:15

    Several People Reported Missing After Severe Flooding Hits Wimberley

  2. 0:25

    Rebels Strike Assad Forces in Aleppo Suburb

  3. 3:20

  4. 0:38

  5. 0:44

    Flock of Sheep Cause Carnage on Venice Street

  6. 1:49

    This Homemade Self-Tan Hack Will Not Appeal to Everyone