Apple Buys Transit App Maker Embark

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Apple Buys Transit App Maker Embark

Apple Buys Transit App Maker Embark
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Apple Buys Transit App Maker Embark

by Wochit 0:55 mins

Apple Buys Transit App Maker Embark

by Wochit 0:55 mins

Apple's purchased another local map data company, this time Embark, a company that specializes in public transit information and directions. Apple has a $60 billion share buyback program to use cash and increase its share price, but shareholder Carl Icahn said he'll discuss increasing it with Tim Cook. A new Apple smartphone is right around the corner, leaving visions of a brightly colored and even a champagne or gold iPhone. Designer Federico Ciccarese takes it one step further. He's come up with a collection of imaginative concepts for the next generation of iProducts, including a curved iPhone with the integrated fingerprint scanner, and a chunky iWatch

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