What Annoys Judges the Most

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What Annoys Judges the Most

What Annoys Judges the Most
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What Annoys Judges the Most

by Daily Shot 3:48 mins

What Annoys Judges the Most

by Daily Shot 3:48 mins

Judge Karen talks about what drives her crazy in the courtroom, what she's learned over the years, and most important, how to get out of jury duty

Daily Shot With Ali Wentworth


  1. 0:43

    Kids try and fail to teach J.J. Watt the Nae Nae

  2. 2:14

    Allegiant pilot claims he nearly ran out of fuel while flying

  3. 1:16

    Top Afghan leader, Mullah Omar, reported dead

  4. 0:32

    Leah Still's Cancer Still in Remission

  5. 3:31

    West Coast drought reveals surprises beneath Lake Mead

  6. 1:45

News with Katie Couric

  1. 29:22

    Huckabee Stands By Holocaust Remarks

  2. 5:26

    VidCon: Where Vloggers and Viners Vie for Fame

  3. 0:29

    Katie Couric talks Vidcon with Joey Graceffa

  4. 3:58

    Now I Get It: Trans-Pacific Partnership

  5. 7:44

    Fighting Islamophobia, one joke at a time

  6. 4:18

    Now I Get It: Executive clemency


  1. 11:31

    From Crack Babies to Oxytots: Lessons Not Learned

  2. 20:26

    Beyond To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee's Lost Novel

  3. 30:06

    Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government's War on Gays

  4. 5:58

  5. 6:27

    Bikers change lives of abused children

  6. 7:56

New York Times

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