Anna Hazare to begin 'Janatantra Yatra' today

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Anna Hazare to begin 'Janatantra Yatra' today

Anna Hazare to begin 'Janatantra Yatra' today
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Anna Hazare to begin 'Janatantra Yatra' today

by Ani 1:14 mins

Anna Hazare to begin 'Janatantra Yatra' today

by Ani 1:14 mins

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare is all set to begin his nationwide 'Janatantra Yatra' under the banner of Democratic Front on Sunday from Amritsar. This was disclosed at a news conference in Amritsar on Saturday. Anna will start his campaign after paying homage to martyrs memorial at Jallianwala Bagh. Hazare said he would appeal to people to elect upright and people of intellectual integrity to representative bodies.

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