Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Twerk-Fest

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Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Twerk-Fest

Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Twerk-Fest
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Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Twerk-Fest

by Wochit 1:06 mins

Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Twerk-Fest

by Wochit 1:06 mins

What's the best way to cure pre-wedding jitters? For Amber Rose, twerking does the trick. The 29-year-old model posted a video of herself twerking up a storm in a white gown the night before she wed rapper Wiz Khalifa. According to Amber: "Only bad b*tches twerk the night before their wedding." Lana Del Rey posted a mysterious tweet about her forthcoming short film, Tropico, indicating the project, produced with Rick Rubin's, may be her finale in the music biz. "Looking forward to seeing you for the farewell project. I adore you and thank you for inspiring me. TROPICO" Actress Rosamund Pike is the latest to drop the UTA agency after the exit of fellow Magnolia Entertainment clients Rachel McAdams, Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace. Pike, who also starred opposite Tom Cruise in Paramount's Jack Reacher, is now the fourth actor repped by manager Shelley Browning and her Magnolia Entertainment company to leave the agency.

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