Amateur Finds $300,000 Gold Nugget

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Amateur Finds $300,000 Gold Nugget

Amateur Finds $300,000 Gold Nugget
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Amateur Finds $300,000 Gold Nugget

by Broken News Daily 1:50 mins

Amateur Finds $300,000 Gold Nugget

by Broken News Daily 1:50 mins

An amateur prospector was walking in the Australian bush, when he found a 5.5 kilogram gold nugget worth $300,000. It was buried 60 centimeters underground and is one of the rarest finds of its kind. The man made the discovery on a site near Ballarat, Australia that had been mined by prospectors for more than 160 years. 160 years!? I guess, Australians never really got the whole "rush" part of "Gold Rush".

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