Alastair Cook 'devastated' by final loss to India

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Alastair Cook 'devastated' by final loss to India

Alastair Cook 'devastated' by final loss to India
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Alastair Cook 'devastated' by final loss to India

by Ani 1:55 mins

Alastair Cook 'devastated' by final loss to India

by Ani 1:55 mins

England Captain Alastair Cook admitted that he was "devastated" after England lost a golden chance of Champions Trophy glory to India. While talking to mediapersons in England, Cook also added that his team was under lot of pressure to win the game but at the end he was glad that the team reached finals. The England captain also praised Indian team for the wonderful play and hoped to improve and play better in the coming tournaments. Cook conceded it was his lowest moment as captain after England's fifth blow-out in as many major one-day finals.

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