Adrien Broner "Leanin' on Slick"

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Adrien Broner "Leanin' on Slick"

Adrien Broner "Leanin' on Slick"
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Adrien Broner "Leanin' on Slick"

by Showtime Boxing 1:40 mins

Adrien Broner "Leanin' on Slick"

by Showtime Boxing 1:40 mins

Like rapper Eddie Hayes, aka Aceyalone, Adrien Broner is "superbad". Check out the flashy and charismatic Welterweight Champ as he goes "Leanin' On Slick". AB takes it any way he can get it... And he is getting it fast as boxing's biggest rising star. Broner will earn his money the hard way when he faces heavy-handed slugger Marcos Maidana on Saturday, Dec. 14 live on SHOWTIME.

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