Adopt This Pet: AMY

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Adopt This Pet: AMY

Adopt This Pet: AMY
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Adopt This Pet: AMY

by WMUR - Manchester 2:07 mins

Adopt This Pet: AMY

by WMUR - Manchester 2:07 mins

The Pet Of The Week is AMY, a tortoise-color, long-hair female who is over 7-yrs.old. She has been at the Manchester Animal Shelter since July of 2010, and is ready to go home. Amy was a stray, and was brought to Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter by the Animal Control. Amy is a total couch-potato, and an indoor-only cat. She loves hanging out on the couch and watching TV, she enjoys cuddling, and as you can see in the video, she loves to be scratched. And she does not mind getting dressed up a littl

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