Will Abe Go To North Korea?

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Will Abe Go To North Korea?

Will Abe Go To North Korea?
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Will Abe Go To North Korea?

by Wochit 1:00 mins

Will Abe Go To North Korea?

by Wochit 1:00 mins

Earlier this month, mid-level diplomats from Japan and North Korea met on the sidelines of an unofficial intergovernmental meeting held in China. The meeting provided an opportunity for both sides to meet on the sideline of a gathering between Red Cross representatives from North Korea and Japan. The talks between the humanitarian officials mainly focused on the possibility of transferring the remains of Japanese soldiers from World War II that are currently in North Korea. The most recent talks seem to suggest that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is “going to the well” once more in hopes that North Korea will agree to more high-level government negotiations. Last year, Abe surprisingly indicated that he has no objections to visiting with Kim Jong-un, if it means a concrete and comprehensive resolution to the issue.


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