'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

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'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable
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'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

by ABC News Videos 10:49 mins

'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

by ABC News Videos 10:49 mins

Rep. Tom Cole, Former Governor Bill Richardson, Matthew Dowd, and Alicia Menendez on the Bergdahl release and Hillary Clinton's potential run


  1. 7:03

    23andMe: DNA tests without a prescription

  2. 1:15

    Obama opens climate change speech with tribute to Paris

  3. 2:27

    Obama says U.S. will step up on climate change

  4. 1:41

    Radcliffe in No Rush to See Potter Play

  5. 1:20

    Bill Gates Cites India in New Energy Initiative

  6. 1:15

    With new "Star Wars" movie due to land, old toys go galactic


  1. 14:15

    The Promise of the Air Bag

  2. 12:09

    Columbine: American Nightmare

  3. 10:01

    In Khali's Corner: The Story of the Downtown Boxing Gym

  4. 6:26

    A Sense Of Home

  5. 12:13

    Student Film Selection - "The Accidental Environmentalist"

  6. 8:29

    HIV in the Heartland

New York Times

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