Day in Pictures: 6/12/14

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Day in Pictures: 6/12/14

Day in Pictures: 6/12/14
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Day in Pictures: 6/12/14

by ABC News Videos 0:49 mins

Day in Pictures: 6/12/14

by ABC News Videos 0:49 mins

Images from across the globe: FIFA's Opening Ceremony, Iraqis Flee Mosul, Bush Sr. Skydives at 90, US Open Tees Off.


  1. 1:18

    The magical ‘Harry Potter’ and Taylor Swift mashup video

  2. 3:54

    Indiana family fights to overturn teen sex offender ruling

  3. 1:21

    MH370 Hunt: Debris Drift Consistent With Ocean Modelling

  4. 1:16

    The Muppets’ Miss Piggy and Kermit Announce Split

  5. 2:50

    California faces controversy over lotto sales at gas pumps

  6. 3:06

    Russian freediver missing after swim near Spain

News with Katie Couric

  1. 3:01

    Now I Get It: The GOP debates explained

  2. 25:29

    Gawker founder speaks out on Hulk Hogan & outing

  3. 9:00

    Why Youtube stars like Shane Dawson are going online to come out

  4. 20:11

    Cop Charged With Murder Held on $1 Million Bond

  5. 29:22

    Huckabee Stands By Holocaust Remarks

  6. 5:26

    VidCon: Where Vloggers and Viners Vie for Fame


  1. 12:28

    Napster: Culture of Free

  2. 20:26

    Beyond To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee's Lost Novel

  3. 30:06

    Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government's War on Gays

  4. 5:58

  5. 6:27

    Bikers change lives of abused children

  6. 7:56