9 Year-Old Girls Wing Walk On Airplanes

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9 Year-Old Girls Wing Walk On Airplanes

9 Year-Old Girls Wing Walk On Airplanes
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9 Year-Old Girls Wing Walk On Airplanes

by Broken News Daily 2:29 mins

9 Year-Old Girls Wing Walk On Airplanes

by Broken News Daily 2:29 mins

Two 9-year-old British cousins became the youngest people ever to do a formation wing walk. In Gloucestershire, England, Flame Brewer and Rose Powell were strapped on top of two 1942 Biplanes and struck poses while the planes reached speeds up to 100 mph and were 300 feet in the air. The girls are trying to raise awareness for Duchenne Children’s trust, a Muscular Dystrophy Charity, because the girls have a friend named Eli who has the disease. If you would like to donate to Duchenne Children's Trust, go here: http://www.dc-trust.org/how-you-can-help/.

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